Jaffna cultural capital

Jaffna cultural capital

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Jaffna is known for its predominant Tamil population and is recognized as the cultural capital for Tamilians in Sri Lanka. The hospitality of the locals will surely impress any tourist to this place. They are just not wonderful people but are friendly too.


Jaffna culture includes a lot of customs and rituals which were handed down from generation to generation. The most prominent feature of the Jaffna is its religious festivals such as Thaipongal, Tamil New Year, Deepawali and Nallur Temple festival, etc

Jaffna in Sri Lanka is absolutely worth visiting. It is a true hidden gem that is filled with beautiful Hindu temples, interesting colonial architecture, vibrant street art, and warm, hospitable people. If you are looking for an offbeat and unique Sri Lankan experience, then you have to visit Jaffna

Jaffna is a very safe place for tourists. Safer than certain areas in Colombo at night.

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