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Food delivery has now become an integral part of the urban lifestyle. And that’s why almost the entire day those delivery agents can be seen riding their bikes, carrying the orders, and sporting their company T-shirts and a cap. It is observed that one-third of Americans order food online at least twice a week.

Food delivery service is somewhat similar to courier service in which the ordered food is delivered from the restaurant to the customer either by the restaurant’s staff or by delivery agents of a food ordering company. This obviously depends on the medium through which a customer places his/her order. Orders can be placed over a call, through mobile apps and through web portals of a restaurant directly, or through restaurant aggregator apps. Often a flat delivery fee is charged to the customer and at times even that is waived off, depending on the order volume. Post pandemic outbreaks and contactless delivery has come into practice nowadays. Food delivery services might also include delivering groceries from the supermarket. Technological interventions have further made food delivery services prompt and quick, keeping customers happy and loyal.

Food delivery businesses follow several models, depending on the objective it varies from company to company. But the priority is to deliver freshly prepared food faster and safer. Given below are a few popular models of food delivery services that are in practice.


Sri Lankan cuisine is known for its particular combinations of herbs, spices, fish, vegetables, rice, and fruits. The cuisine is highly centered around many varieties of rice, as well as coconut which is a ubiquitous plant throughout the country. Seafood also plays a significant role in the cuisine, be it fresh fish or preserved fish. As a country that was a hub on the historic oceanic silk road, contact with foreign traders brought new food items and cultural influences in addition to the local traditions of the country’s ethnic groups, all of which have helped shape Sri Lankan cuisine. Influences from Indian (particularly South Indian), Indonesian and Dutch cuisines are most evident with Sri Lankan cuisine sharing close ties to other neighboring South and Southeast Asian cuisines


The central feature of Jaffna cuisine is boiled or steamed rice, served with a curry of fish or meat, along with other curries made with vegetables, lentils, or fruits. Dishes are accompanied by pickled fruits or vegetables, chutneys, and sambols. Coconut sambol is especially common, a paste of ground coconut mixed with chili peppers, dried Maldive fish, and lime juice. Besides, It includes String hoppers, Dosa, Idly, Vadai, Rotti, Biryani, Kottu, seafood, Vegetable foods, non Vegetable food, and Some other sweet delights


Some food restaurants in Jaffna deliver three times meals and the have their own prices, some times the prices vary based on the Restaurants, Here I depict the Pricing and Menu-


  • Pittu – 150 RS
  • Rotti – 180 RS
  • Dosa – 200 RS
  • Idly 250 RS
  • String hoppers – 120 – 180 RS
  • Modak – 80 RS
  • Vadai – 90 RS


  • Vegetable food – 450 RS (Rice and Curry)
  • Non-Vegetable food – 550 – 850 RS (Rice and Curry)
  • Fried rice – 550 – 850 RS
  • Biryani – 600 – 850 RS


  •    Pittu – 150 RS
  •    String hoppers – 120 – 180 RS
  •    Kottu – 450 RS
  •    Noodles – 450 – 550 RS


  • Pizza – 750 RS – 1400 RS
  • Pasta – 600 RS – 750 RS
  • Burger – 600 RS
  • Pizzeria – 850 RS
  • Chicken – 800 Rs – 1250 RS


  • Cakes 700 – 250 RS
  •  Pudding – 550 – 700 RS
  •  Ice cream – 450 – 800 RS
  •   Sweets – 120 – 550 RS



Most of the well-developed and organized restaurants in Jaffna have the facility to deliver the foods on the doorstep, whereas the customers can order online. Those restaurants have their own website and mobile apps to make an online booking system, for instance, the Uber eats is famous in Sri Lanka. I listed here some of the online food delivery Restaurants and Hotels. Yals Town inn hotel and restaurant provides both Food delivery and Accommodation, Here I depict their pricing and Menu –


  • Rice and Curry – 450 – 1250 RS
  • Noodles – 425 – 1250 RS
  • Yal’s special served with Rice & Noodles – 3250 RS
  • Fish  – 625 – 900 RS
  • Cuttlefish – 775 – 800 RS
  • Crab – 850 – 900 RS
  • Dessert – 100 – 225 RS
  • Beverages – 100 – 300 RS

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