Nagapooshani Amman Kovil

It is referred to in several ancient chronicles as one of 64 Shakthi Peethams located across South Asia – shrines dedicated to Shakthi, the Hindu goddess of power.

The history of Nagapusani Amman, which has a temple on Naina Island, is very ancient. Archaeologists say the statue in the sanctum sanctorum dates back to the Gandhara period


Nainabutar, a chemist from India, worshiped the form of the self-evident Ambika. It was customary for a snake to swim in the sea daily to visit the goddess on Puliandi Island near Naina Island. When doing so, it is customary to bring flowers from Puliyandi to pay homage to the Goddess.


Five-period pujas are held here. Worship days of Lord Shiva, Ambal, Ganesha, Subramanian, and Vishnu are held every month. Sangabhishekam during the day and Srisakkara Puja at night. Vijayadasami and Vannimara Puja are also conducted.


The journey from our Hotel

The journey to Nainativu from Yals Town Inn Hotel JAFFNA  takes you across two interconnected islands on the peninsula, to the Kurrikaduwan Jetty in just over an hour by road. Here, a crowded ferry awaits passengers to embark on a 15-minute journey to either the Nagapooshani Amman Kovil or the Nagadeepa Purana Viharaya. Both sites serve as entry and exit points to Nainativu, while you may choose to walk or take a short tuk-tuk ride between them for a complete experience.